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How To Patch A Leaky Shingle?

Maintaining the rooftop’s quality is only some people’s cup of tea. It costs you time and money unless you find the exact step to step instructions for repairing the damage or leaks. Finding Leaks and cracks over the shingles is no different; every roof may get damaged from harsh outer weather.

However, before replacing the shingle with the new one, you must consider repairing the leaks, which can help you avoid spending much replacing the old one. If you want to repair the shingle’s damage or cracks, come forward to this step to step instructions that how to patch a leaky shingle.

How to patch a leaky shingle?

Asphalt shingles are the most used roofing materials nowadays. Most roofing company Albuquerque say shingles are available in the market in different shapes, sizes, and varying qualities, competing with the surrounding conditions of the environment. Due to their huge availability, shingle cracks and damage are the most common.

Even though shingles may get damaged from several outer conditions, there should be a step to step method to patch the damage. To clear up the damage, a simple matter of locating the damage and then treating the damage accordingly is involved. Here are step-by-step instructions for securing shingles’ quality after leaks, cracks, or damage.

Locating the damage

Discovering the damage is an important step in treating cracks and leaks efficiently. Before starting the procedure, discover the type of damage to the shingles. In many cases, shingles may get folded from corners, and a small leak can be found or a big leak due to water strains that end up replacing the shingle, so if you discover curled shingles, small leaks, cracks, and even big leaks. The good thing is that you can ensure the shingle’s quality by following certain ways mentioned below.

1.   Secure the leaky shingle with the roofing tar

Roofing tar is cost-efficient to cover the damage and leaks over the shingles. Yet it will not give a clean look to the shingle. However, roofing tar serves the purpose fully. If you have found a small break, leak, or crack over the shingle. Using roofing tar is the best cost-efficient way. A small patch would be shown over the shingle that might give a messy look. Other than that, there is nothing to fear of. Moreover, Roofing tar can also be used with the sealant spray to make your shingles strong and overprotective from the outer environment.

2.   Sealing the shingles with the roof sealant

Roof sealant is best if you discover cracks or breaks over the shingles. Acrylic roof sealant has efficient in sealing the minor gaps between shingles and cracks effectively. Spread the acrylic roof sealant over the whole roof, especially where cracks or breaks are found. It will automatically adhere the shingles together.

Also, minor gaps can be filled. The sealing from the roofing material acrylic sealant provides strong protection against the external environment. The good thing about acrylic sealants is that they do not spoil the roof’s overall look.

3.   Using sealant spray to fill the gaps

Sealant spray is the same as an acrylic sealant but is used in a spray bottle to fill the minor gaps more efficiently. It can easily use over the affected areas without spreading over the whole roof. You can use it exactly where the leaks are found. Its function and quality function the same as an acrylic sealant to adhere the shingles and fill the minor gaps in the corners.

4.   Silicone roof sealant

Silicone roof sealant is also one of the most effective ways to deal with cracked, bent, or leaked shingles. It is spread over the damaged areas with the caulk gun. Silicone roof sealant seals the cracks and leaks excellently.

After using the silicone sealant, you will find a phenomenal change in the roof shingles. The silicone provides a great adherence quality to the shingles, ultimately protecting them from harsh circumstances.

5.   Ways to secure curled shingles

If you discover shingles curled from corners, that might lead to big damage. It would be best if you took action to secure the damage to avoid further loss. Here are some ways to give a quick recovery to the curled shingles.

  • Silicone sealant is a great material to flatten curled shingles. It uses a caulk gun; a small amount of silicone can be sprayed beneath the curled shingled and then put down to secure the bent.
  • Asphalt roofing cement is also a great option for treating bent, cornered, and curled shingles. A caulk gun also uses; a small amount is sprayed on the shingle’s underside and then pressed firmly to ensure it is secured.

Leaks, cracks, and breaks over the shingle are commonly found though dealing with damage matters the most. Proper guidance that how to repair a leaking shingle roof might prove a quick and great way to fix the damage.

There are many ways to treat roof damage. However, finding ways to secure the roof leaking though shingles look good is a phenomenal option. We have mentioned some important ways to quickly fix a roof leak that can help you avoid further damage. Try them out to get effective results!


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