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How Much Snow Is Too Much Snow For Your Roof

Do you live where you have to face snow almost half the year? Winter is the most loved season until it starts destroying your stuff. The constant snow falling cause a lot of problems in different areas.

The snow falls because problem people need to learn how much snow is too much. Some aspects like the roof’s material and snow and the roof’s condition help you to understand how much snow is too much.

This article will mention how much snow is too much for the roof. If you want more time than a brief explanation, keep reading the article.

Is the snow good for your roof?

People who live in cold areas are more likely to face this situation. Houses in cold zones have to face many problems, and show falling is not of them. The snow is not a problem, but if it gets collected on your roof, it is a real problem. Many people think the snow on your roof does not harm your roof. Well, this conception is wrong.

 The snow on your roof is not good. The House owners have to pay attention to this problem. Because snow on your roof will damage it and cause different leakages, and other than that, your roof will also break into pieces. The roof will break into pieces if there is too much snow. To avoid serious damage, you should know the amount of snow that is not too much for your roof.

How much snow can a roof hold?

There is no doubt that snow adds a very charming look to your house. The fallen show on the roof of your house will transform the environment into a fully peaceful and calm winter zone. But the snow will only look good once it does not damage your roof. There is a specific amount of snow your roof can handle.

Per the insurance institute for business and home safety, most roofs can handle 20 pounds per Square foot of snow. It is an approximate figure given by the authority, but the amount of snow depends on the condition of your roof. However, you can determine the amount of snow that is bearable.

How to determine the amount of snow your roof can handle?

As mentioned above, the amount of snow varies from roof to roof. It is crucial to determine the exact amount; otherwise, the snow will destroy the roof of your house. However, determining the amount of snow required takes work. The task is not easy because you have to consider crucial aspects to determine the volume of the snow. Here is some consideration that affects the amount of snow your roof handle.

The material of the roof

The first thing that affects the amount of snow your roof can handle is the material of the roof. This aspect is the most obvious one. If your roof’s material is strong and your roof’s strength is good, then too much snow is not too much. For example, if the roof is made of asphalt or slate, more than 20 pounds per Square foot of snow would not harm the roof.

The type of the snow

If you don’t, there are different types of snow. Like dry snow, fluffy snow, wet snow, and many others. So all types of snow affect the roof differently because of their weight. The fluffy snow is heavy than the dry snow. On the other hand, wet snow is heavier than dry snow.

Your roof’s structure and design

The design and the structure of the roof also affect it a lot. The flat and slight roofs are generally better than others at holding snow.

A proper guide on How to remove the snow from your roof?

Here comes another important thing. After determining the amount of snow now, it is time to know how to remove it. The snow does not melt easily in the winter; according to your roof, you must remove it if it is too much. Below are tips that will help you in removing the snow easily.

  • Ask help from your friends or family to remove the snow. Remove the snow with others because it will take a lot of time, and staying in the snow for so long will not be safe.
  • To avoid any physical damage, the house owners should use a telescopic roof rake to remove it. The telescopic roof rake will help you for sure.
  • If you are doing it manually, make sure to remove the snow and icicles. Sometimes it makes the rest of the snow fall off easily.


The amount of snow good for your roof depends on factors, including the material and the roof’s structure. In the winter season, people have to face many problem-related problems with the roofs of houses.

Snow causes some real damage to your roof. To avoid these damages, we must determine the amount of snow that is good for the roof. We have mentioned the aspects that affect and help you determine how much snow is too much!

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