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How Large of a Team Should You Have for Replacing a Roof

A roof’s average life span ranges between 10 to 20 years, it depends on the materials and craftsmanship of the roofing team. There is a wide variety of roofing options available in the market; you can pick and choose the ones that fit your budget and fulfill other requirements like location and environmental factors.

Roof installation and replacement are the most happening events of any household; children are especially excited to see how roofing is done, but there are a few measures that everyone should take to ensure the whole process goes.

Suppose you are not technically sound or have little time to spare; hire team professionals who execute every task from start to finish. A good roofing contractor replaces your roof efficiently and has enough team to swiftly execute every step in the process.

How large should a Roofing Team be?

Roofing is not an everyday task; it requires a particular skill set, knowledge, and, most importantly, experience. The experience is counted more because every roof requires materials, placement, and neighborhood.

Hiring a team with considerable experience is important, as replacing a roof is a considerable investment. Research and consult with people who have prior experience in replacing their roofs, and then decide to select a good team. Following are some important factors that help with the right roofing decision.


Expertise should be the most important when selecting the right contractor or team to replace your roof. In other terms, look for a team that has more experience individuals in their team; it doesn’t matter how big the size of the roofing team is; if they don’t know their craft well, there is no point in considering them.

Upon looking at the expertise, note that your roofers should talk about the materials that are best for your roof, identify and point out your roof problems that need to be addressed, and any additional information that roofers require from you.

Follow Standard Procedures:

The roof installation is not a small task; multiple tasks are done properly to achieve the best results. However, from an owner’s point of view, you need to assess the roof installation team following procedures.

  • They inspect the site properly before commencing work on it.
  • Take the measurements to do the correct estimation of the materials.
  • Order the materials after taking the measurements.
  • Make a timeline and schedule the tasks accordingly. Usually, it takes 2-3 days for an average roofing job.
  • Perform the entire job with maintaining safety standards.
  • Protect the landscape and overall look of the surroundings.
  • Follow the industry practices and use of best materials while installing shingles, decking, and more.
  • Upon completing the work, clean the site thoroughly.

Size of the Team:

The normal approach to address the size of a roof is by increasing the number of members in the roofing team; for a smaller roof, team members are required, whereas, for a larger roof, the number of team members is increased, which leads to the conclusion that more hands-on site gets the job done quickly.

But professional roofers know the art of roofing well; regardless of the roof size, a team of expert and skilled labor or team members can get the job done more efficiently in less time. As an owner of the house, you must discuss the plan and number of team members when you finalize a roofing contractor.

Your roof size doesn’t matter;  If it is to replace or install by professional roofing contractors. But before short-listing any roofing contractor, make sure to search, inquire and discuss installation procedures, materials, and other technical/environmental aspects.

Maintaining New Roof:

Once you replace or install your roof, it’s time to maintain it properly; it helps increase your roof’s life span and provides an opportunity window to act promptly if any wear and tear require your attention.

You can ask your roofing contractor about the maintenance procedures and practices and how to replace a shingle if one or two need immediate replacement. An important thing to note, get in writing about the roof life span, leakages, and any wear and tear from your contractor when you replace or install a new roof.

Final Thoughts

The roofing doesn’t solely depend on team size; more importantly, all the team members must be skilled, know their craft, and perform best as a team. Installing or replacing a roof is a considerable investment; one must research and pick the best roofing contractors for their roof replacement while considering expertise, experience, standard procedures, and team size. However, team size doesn’t need to be big; more importantly, all the members must be skilled, know their craft, and work best as a team.

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